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Our first Hybrid style legging, featuring ALL of our most sought for features from previous collections.

Hybrid Full Length Leggings!

Think Performance, Staple and Signature all wrapped into 1! Our Hybrid leggings take compression from Performance, no front seam from Staple and a second skin like feeling from Signature!! Carefully curated together to give to you, what we believe will be our best selling legging yet.

Perfect for HIIT, Cardio, Weightlifting and anything else you can think of. Comfortable enough to wear all day long and is sure to be a Core piece to your wardrobe.

New branding on our Hybrid leggings means everyone will know you’re wearing HINE, while still being sleek and minimal.

Fit guide: We’re all about personal preference here at HINE. If you are between sizes (eg have worn L & XL comfortably in previous HINE leggings) we recommend choosing the smaller size of the 2. This ensures the leggings mould with your body without being too loose at the waist. If you are after a heavily compressed legging, we recommend sizing down. This way they should be slightly tighter at the waist ensuring they don’t roll down.

Model 1 is wearing size 5XL // Height : 175cm

Model 2 is wearing size M // Height : 175cm 

Model 3 is wearing size 3XL // Height : 169cm

Materials: 73% Polyester, 27% Spandex.

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