Kia ora my name is Miria Flavell, I am the very proud owner of Hine Collection. Hine is the Māori term for woman, girls, and the female element. Te Reo Māori is my first language, so it was important for me to carry a Māori name that reflected who I am and what my brand represents. Hine Collection is a purpose built brand that was  born out of frustration as a size 16 at the time, when I first started my own health and fitness journey after a health scare, I struggled to find activewear clothing that I could fit. I thought to myself, if I’m having this struggle, just imagine the many other women here in New Zealand and across the world who have this same issue. I couldn’t understand why activewear clothing brands stopped at size 12, when statistics showed that the average size women is a size 14/16.

Something needed to change. Because this was in fact a GLOBAL issue! 

Where ever we look, women are faced with the same body image portrayed across advertisements, campaign photos and brand marketing across all clothing brands. I speak on behalf of women across the globe when I say that we do not see ourselves represented on all these platforms. This is a problem not only here in New Zealand but worldwide. Having a daughter of my own I quickly realised this is not just an issue for my generation, but her generation and those that come after her. We cannot wait for others to create change. 


  I was motivated to start a clothing brand to make a difference, to inspire change. I knew there was an opportunity to empower women through clothing, by normalising all body shapes and sizes, and also ethnicities. I genuinely believed that if I could create a size-inclusive brand that normalised this not just in clothing but across our marketing, women would feel represented and seen, which would bring so much more confidence to themselves. 

HINE is more than just a clothing brand,

It is a movement that was built to inspire change!