HINE had a humble beginning in 2018 when I (Mīria – owner & founder) started my own health & fitness journey. I wanted to find nice activewear that could give me the confidence to rock up to the gym and feel good and look good. I got frustrated when I saw that activewear brands only went up to size 14. I thought that was harsh and unfair for women like me. Furthermore, I was concerned about the message that the industry was sending our people about body size and the measurements they would need to have in order to wear the clothes they loved.



When I looked at activewear pages on social media, I noticed once again, that the images portrayed slim women with six-pack abs, tiny waists and narrow thighs. The models were also all Pākehā. There was absolutely no one who looked like me. There was no representation of Māori and Pasifika wāhine with our curvy figures. I knew something needed to happen to shake up the industry, to create change in both the fashion world and on social media.



The frustration inspired me to create HINE COLLECTION. A brand for women of all sizes. My aim was to ensure that whatever size a woman is, she can find something she likes in our range. That was my purpose, to cater for wāhine of all shapes and sizes, XS-6XL (size 8 - 26). I also wanted to create activewear that could motivate women like me to get active and improve their health and wellbeing. I knew from experience that sometimes, extra encouragement is necessary to get us out to work on fitness. I believed that activewear should inspire women to cast aside doubt and get started.


It is also my view that while all bodies are absolutely beautiful, we must do everything in our power to ensure that we are in good health. While it is lovely to wear amazing clothes that make us feel good, we want HINE clothing to encourage women to prioritise their health and wellbeing.


The HINE brand is about clothing that can make us feel self-assured, confident and powerful. This is especially important at the beginning of our fitness journey when we are likely to be feeling a little self-conscious! We want women to put HINE clothing on and feel fabulous, and proud to be part of a supportive movement of wāhine who are also on the journey to regaining themselves through their health/hauora.



For us at Hine, we didn’t want to be known as another activewear brand that just sells clothing. We wanted to create a movement that inspired change. To encourage and support women to become their best versions of themselves. This lead to us opening up a community gym in Hamilton in 2020 called The Movement NZ, with the main slogan being “One community, one movement”. An open space that welcomes all people from all walks of life.


As much as fitness is important, nutrition plays the biggest part in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I wanted to create a brand that allowed us to educate our people about the importance of nutrition. The following year after opening our gym, I launched a supplement brand called LVL UP Supplements as the next step to my long term vision of whānau ora - whānau prioritising their health, fitness & nutrition.



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