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SPORTS BRA DUSTY PLUM (1855115493419)
SPORTS BRA DUSTY PLUM (1855115493419)
SPORTS BRA DUSTY PLUM (1855115493419)
SPORTS BRA DUSTY PLUM (1855115493419)

We are calling these our next level sports bra, because just like our next level leggings these are the new and improved version of our previous sports bra's. We merged all the favourite things that our customers loved from our OG sporta bra and summer collection sports bra, then we created the NEXT LEVEL sports bra. Designed for both comfort and support for even the most intense trainings for women of all shapes and sizes. Available in 5 colours - Burgundy, Black, Teal, Dusty Plum and Navy.


Whether you attend weekly yoga classes or if light fitness is more of your thing, we can ensure our fabric for our lighter coloured Sports Bra are perfect for those low impact activities as well as giving great support.

You can refer to our size chart for further information on sizing:

Material Used: 78% Polyester, 22% Spandex

Model 1: wearing Size S, Height 5'3ft

Model 2: wearing Size L, Height 5'8ft 




SPORTS BRA DUSTY PLUM (1855115493419)
SPORTS BRA DUSTY PLUM (1855115493419)
SPORTS BRA DUSTY PLUM (1855115493419)
SPORTS BRA DUSTY PLUM (1855115493419)

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