We are so proud of everyone who makes up our Hine community and have some amazing ambassadors who support our brand and what we do. We wanted to introduce them properly & also get to know them a little better.  

This week we chatted to Casey also known as @casey_crossfit on instagram.  

Kia ora , My name is Casey Rua, 34 year old mama to one beautiful 6 year old boy, Cairo and an individual on a journey to health and happiness :)

What is it that you love the most about Hine & our movement ? 

OMG , where do I start! I love everything that the Hine movement is about! What I love Most , is what the Hine team have create for our wahine ! A sisterhood .. I love that I feel connected to strangers because of Hine! I love the diversity and the realness of lien and those behind Hine!



What are your must have pieces from our latest winter 2.0 collection ? 

The crew necks and the luxe leggings are the PERFECT actileisure attire and for me, A MUST HAVE!

If there was any advice you’d give your younger self what would it be ? 

Be Kind, Listen to your parents advice - they only want whats best for you an LOVE YOURSELF wholeheartedly - you are worthy of GREAT THINGS



2020 has been an interesting year for all of us, what’s one thing you’ve learnt or taken away from this year ? 

I've learnt that taking care of my mental health is a priority, MONEY ISNT EVERYTHING and to focus and live in the now !

If you had to sum up Hine in 3 words what would it be ? 

Sisterhood, Female empowerment, A BLESSING!




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