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We are so proud of everyone who makes up our Hine community and have some amazing ambassadors who support our brand and what we do. We wanted to introduce them properly & also get to know them a little better.  

This week we chatted to Abby also known as @lifeof_abbycros on instagram. 

My names Abby, I work full time as a check out manager & enjoy creating content & posting on my Instagram @lifeof_abbycros where I share about my life, weightloss, self love, body positivity, F45 workouts & much more. I’m a fun, bubbly outgoing person. I enjoy working out at F45 & I love makeup, I’m a self taught Makeup artist & love doing makeup on & clients & myself in my spare time. I hope to inspire others with sharing my journey with life, weightloss & whatever comes my way. 

What is it that you love the most about Hine & our movement ? 

I first found Hine Collection 2 years ago when I first started my weightloss/self love journey.  I had googled plus size NZ Active wear brands & out of all the search results I found Hine Collection to be the only brand that actually had “inclusive sizing” so I purchased myself a pair & fell in love. I love the inclusive sizing & that each piece is designed to fit Wahine of all shapes & sizes, Miria & her team create stylish activewear that make me feel confident during my workout & holds up during intense workouts but is also comfortable & nice to wear just for casual wear. 



What are your must have pieces from our latest winter 2.0 collection ? 

My Top 3 Favs from the latest collection are :

1. The Hine 2.0 leggings 

2. 2.0 crew neck 

3. Hold her bra

I always love to get some pieces in black but I love the new Sea Green colour. 

If there was any advice you’d give your younger self what would it be ? 

I would give myself the advice to learning sled love & start loving my body & all of its perfect imperfections so much sooner. Learn that your weight & the number on the scales does not define you & be yourself no matter what. 



2020 has been an interesting year for all of us, what’s one thing you’ve learnt or taken away from this year ? 

Tell your loved ones you love them daily, my own energy is powerful, it’s okay to not be okay & how important it is to check in on others around you. 

If you had to sum up Hine in 3 words what would it be ? 

Inclusive,  inspiring & captivating 





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