We have a beautiful strong team of wāhine that make up the Hine HQ team & make sure our brand keeps going day to day. This week we are chatting to our amazing girl Kayla. 

Who are you and what do you do at Hine HQ? 

Kia ora, I’m Kayla the Executive Officer here at HINE Collection. As well as working close alongside Miria, I manage our beautiful HINE team & make sure all of our departments are running smoothly.
What’s your favourite thing about working and been part of the Hine team and community? 

One of my fave things about working for Hine, is that is feels like you’re not even working & that’s the culture we have created here, we get the mahi done but have fun while we do it. For me I get to come into mahi everyday & feel like I’m contributing to making a difference to our wahine through our clothing. Being a part of an amazing team gives me the drive to go harder every day.

What does your typical day look like at Hine?
Everyday differs here at Hine Collection, so typical is out of the question haha. However my morning consists of breaky & a good cup of coffee while I dive into my emails before everyone gets in. Making sure the team are happy & meeting their stats throughout the day, also assisting Miria in any tasks she needs completed.
If you could give your younger self some advice what would it be?
It’s okay not to have your life figured out. Just learn to live in the moment, & absorb all the good things around you & everything else will follow.
What’s your go to Hine outfit? 

Definitely my full length Luxe leggings, white luxe bra, with an open oversized button down shirt and some dope white air force ones. Now that’s the fit. Period.


What are you most excited about with the future of Hine? 

GOING GLOBAL! Being a Maori owned brand, it makes me so excited to know that Maori are being represented in a positive light around our world. I am blessed to be a part of making that happen!



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